Sunday, June 3, 2007

Slightly lumpy pumkin polenta with sausage

This afternoon I went in search of a recipe that used pumpkin, sausage and black beans, because those were three things I had on hand. Most of the recipes I came across were soups, and it's not exactly soup weather here.

As much as I am ashamed to admit it, this recipe is a variation of one by my most despised TV chef superstar. However, it was fast, and I had everything it called for, including the roasted red peppers. My changes: turkey andouille instead of chorizo; Mexican oregano and chevre in the polenta instead of thyme and Manchego; and fresh cilantro (trimmed from my own plant) instead of parsley.

I'm not happy with the pictures--I only took two before I dug in and this one was the least unfocused--but I will say that pumpkin polenta is quite yummy.

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Cara said...

I'd say you improved on RR's recipe - you've got my two favorite ingredients (pumpkin and goat cheese) and my favorite herb, cilantro!